Kat Lee, RDI Program Certified Consultant

Testimonials from Parents:

If you would like to speak directly with parents who have, or are currently working with me, please contact me and I will help you get in touch with them. 

I feel RDI is the best thing that has happened to our family. It has given us hope and provided us a path giving us tools to raise our child with Autism. As a parent, it has taught me guiding principles to properly frame and scaffold activities. Even if I am not in a structured, planned activity with my son, RDI has empowered me to find guiding opportunities all the time. RDI makes me think, and helps me guide my son to think and learn instead of mindlessly rote learning. RDI has made my impulsive, fearless child slow down and examine his environment. He references us when he is unsure. This has made us calmer parents!! –Lakshmi Sethi, Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks to my RDI consultant, Kat, I empowered myself as a parent. She always encouraged me and got me to my 'edge +1' so I would always feel competent while working with my son. She helped me see things I didn't know to look for, and made me think about always looking forward.

She is always there; she is very committed to the families and children who have ASD. She never left us alone when we felt we were stuck. If she didn't have the answer, she would spend weeks thinking about how to help. She is a reliable person and always helpful.

RDI is a treatment where parents are involved and it gives them the right tools to have an authentic relationship with their ASD child. The other treatments will help the kids with symptoms, but RDI® addresses the core deficits. Thanks to RDI, we can live a typical family life. ASD doesn't stop us and RDI® empowers us. –Karla Galvan Duque, Santiago, Chile

I am learning so much by working with you. I really thank you and Dr. Gutstein for the tremendous patience that you have with me and all the parents and with the kids; and your attention to detail. I am amazed with you guys. I think I underestimated my son's abilities. You helped me realize that. It has been a "wow" time for me. –Tiffiney Tillman, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Our daughter's 8th grade graduation on June 8, 2014 was an unbelievably special event. All 8 girls gave individual speeches and she totally blew us away with her speech. She was very composed and spoke so eloquently. So many teachers and friends were visibly moved. Ten years ago, when she started Pre-K at her school, barely speaking the entire year, we could not have imagined her standing in front of so many people delivering such an amazing graduation speech!  Her class also went on a graduation trip and another mom and I were the chaperones. The girls had a blast and it will certainly be a very memorable graduation trip! We are so thankful to see what a lovely young lady our daughter has become. –A Mom from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (name withheld to protect privacy of the young teen). 

I continue to be so thankful for RDI and I think back to the original [RDI] DVD training for parents to watch and the young man that spoke with Dr. Gutstein on the couch. I remember thinking, “will our son ever be able to do…..?” I know RDI was a critical part of remediation for our son and he continues to build on skills learned.

It has been a busy Senior Summer with lots of lasts and firsts. He starts college Monday. He will be living at home, working, and going to school. He will start working on his pilot’s license in Spring. More importantly, he has relationships with friends. He is included for casual evenings, has others spend the night etc. It is just starting to emerge as a common occurrence. He will also begin leading kids' worship at least twice a month. He is really blossoming as a worship leader. Now, if I could just get him to play an instrument. HA!

We are seeing breakthroughs in confidence in many ways. One of my biggest-small moments recently was when he asked me what songs I used in praise to be calm and focus on Jesus and then he let me sing them and we sang together. We now daily share what song or verse he is going to think about and take with him in his day. He got an iPad and computer for grad and reads his bible online every day and is beginning to journal. He got up every morning at 5:30 to read before practice. This was the first year I did not help him pack, wake up etc. 

We still scaffold and practice many events prior to their happening but it’s great to see him succeed in real time. He really is a delight and an encourager when he is calm. I just thought this might encourage you or some of your clients with young ones just beginning their “dance.” –A Mom from Georgia (name withheld to protect privacy of the young adult).

Testimonials from other
RDI® Program Professionals and Colleagues:

Kat Lee is a vital part of the development team at RDIconnect. We work closely on a variety of projects to equip our community and I daily rely on her fresh ideas and solid advice for many issues including communication, organization and content strategy. Kat’s long tenure as an RDI® Consultant and her clinical experience allow her to bring important insights to the products, content and communications pieces we craft and makes her a favorite blogger, webinar host and conference speaker to our community. Lastly, Kat’s positive outlook and encouraging manner make her a joy to work with and I highly recommend her both personally and professionally. –Elizabeth Alford, Chief Strategy Officer & Community Manager

Kat is a wonderful consultant who has a huge heart and gives 100%+ to her clients. She is wise, patient and intuitive–providing the optimal level of support while not overwhelming families affected by Autism. Anyone who has the good fortune to be able to work with Kat will receive gifts that will last a lifetime. –Lisa Palasti, RDI® Program Certified Consultant, Autism Specialist and Parent Coach at Mindful Guide Consulting

I am privileged to have known Katherine for over 15 years. She is a talented clinician, practitioner and lecturer, who always generously shares her knowledge in social media marketing with her colleagues. She sets a gold standard for us working with parents of special needs children on guiding and building a trustful relationship with our clients. –Maisie Soetantyo, Founder of CATCh Clinic, Director of RDI Professional Training in South East Asia